After The Election

Some issues we’ll need to keep an eye on, no matter who becomes President.

Kevin Breidenbach


Photo: David Mark from Pixabay

Regardless of who we end up with after the election, there are several things that bear watching. These are issues that most would probably agree Trump is likely to be worse on, but that Biden has also given us reason to be concerned about.

Police Brutality

There is no doubt that Trump’s open support of white supremacy is adding fuel to this particular fire. However, Biden’s recent, rather callous, comments about the police killing of Walter Wallace Jr., as well as his history in this area, give little hope that things will improve much with him in the White House. As for the police themselves, the fact that they have met protests against their actions with further brutality, and still can’t seem to stop, shows us how likely they are to want to de-escalate the situation themselves. As Robert Evans wrote in an excellent piece for Business Insider:

“Kicking Trump out of office won’t reverse this trend. It won’t disband Bortac or fix the violent and often outright criminal culture within the Border Patrol. It won’t stop the flow of military-grade weapons to the police. All it will do is ensure these tremendously dangerous weapons wind up in the hands of a more responsible man. Actually fixing this problem will be the work of years. And if we don’t fix it — if we leave all these agencies and departments as they are, we’re leaving a loaded gun on the table. Eventually, someone else is going to pick it up.”

Climate Change

Speaking of fires… this is another issue in which Trump undoubtedly scores the lowest among all contenders, however, Biden’s repeated statements promising not to ban fracking show that he isn’t exactly up to the standard we need, either. Various “green groups” have criticized Biden’s climate plan, saying that it doesn’t do enough to prevent catastrophe. Varshini Prakash, executive director for the Sunrise Movement, said that “We need even more ambition from candidates if we’re serious about saving millions of people from death before entire nations sink into the sea.”


Given Trump’s utter failure with COVID, and indeed his failure to ever really deliver a healthcare



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