Neoconservatism, as I understand it, emerged from a reaction to the so-called "new left," and early on was characterized by a rejection of socially "liberal" ideas (mostly in a cultural sense) and what they viewed as pacifist foreign policy. Neocons typically favor the myth of the free market, and like to talk about "spreading democracy" while overthrowing governments and dropping bombs. Some have used it more generally to describe supposedly "moderate" republicans, but all that usually really seems to mean is that they're less willing to be openly bigoted in public.

Some prominent neocons would be Ronald Reagan, the Bushes, , and John McCain. I fail to see how Joe Biden differs significantly from any of them, policy-wise. For that matter, even his rhetoric sounds the same. "Restoring the soul of America" sounds an awful lot like Reagan's "Morning in America" thing. Biden has "Build Back Better," Reagan had "Prouder, Stronger, Better."

But none of this really addresses what I said in the article.

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