Warmongers are never necessary. We aren't going to build trust by continuing to kill people who did nothing to us. Obama turned 2 wars into 7, he never really tried to find a way out of them, he just expanded the drone strike program so we could do it from a safer distance.

What you skip in your analysis is that we are the bad guys, and maybe we wouldn't have so many enemies if we weren't engaged in imperialism on every continent. For it's entire existence, America has been a military empire, stealing resources and land. Read "How To Hide An Empire," practically every American president has made it worse. I don't care if they're smart & experienced, war mongers need to go.

I see no "good people," and I don't much care what Elizabeth Warren, who suggested that we "green up" our militarism, thinks of them. The plans Biden has put forward, and the actions of these people in the past, suggest that they will indeed do more to help the rich than anyone else. Biden's plan for healthcare being one example. I may be radical, but I don't expect anyone in the government to align with my views. It would be nice, however, to at least have some that didn't keep doing the same old thing that we've been doing. In Yellen's case, as I mentioned, her "experience" suggests that she could be too hawkish about the deficit, at a time when that is definitely not what we need. That's not a radical suggestion.

I would characterize this more as a warning, but if you want to call it complaining, go for it. What would be the point of offering alternatives? I don't expect anyone as far right as Biden to do anything I would approve of, just like Trump. The two are more alike than you seem to realize:


(not that that site is the definitive guide or anything, but I do think it's a pretty accurate test)

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Mountain hermit turned rabble rouser. Maker of strange noises. Deeply disturbed, but not surprised. He/him. Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/nivekbr

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