Yes, Bernie lost. I'm not in a political cult, so I'm not sure what your point is. Not that it's any of your business, but I tend to vote third-party, so Bernie was unlikely to get my vote in the long run as a Democrat anyway. That said, Bernie didn't exactly lose "fair & square," as they say:

As for the "Defund" thing, it's not just a slogan. Did you watch the linked video? The evidence isn't really on your side there. The people who lost weren't running on defunding the police, and the ones who were running on that, or were at least more closely associated with that kind of policy, did win. I wrote an article about this subject too, if you'd care to look into it and see why it's so important:

People keep saying we should give him a chance, but we have a long, clear record to go by. It's not like I'm just pulling my assessment out of nowhere, and everything he says and does, every warmonger and corporatist he appoints, keeps showing that he hasn't changed.

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